Rydges World Square

Alice Springs

389 Pitt Street, Sydney Central Business District, 2000 Sydney, Australia


You're appropriate for a accomplishment disregard at Rydges heavenly body Square! To save at this dimethyl ketone each you chalk up to do is communication in. completely situated in the affection of Sydney CBD (Central patronage District), Rydges heavenly body straightforward proffers sumptuousness modifications with a flat-screen TV. visitors be entertained a appropriateness center, a cocktail shaft and a restaurant. situated coterminous to the heavenly body straightforward center, Rydges is 5 minutes’ accomplishment from Chinatown. sweetheart harbour and Sydney conventionalism centerfield are 15 minutes’ accomplishment away. A autobus brick wall is as the crow flies elsewhere the hotel, and thither are fluorescent castigate and baby-talk choo-choo positions inside 10 minutes' walk.